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PSID Theme Category Title Description Action
TYCH01 Social and human values Digital Toy To transform the Indian traditional games to an Augmented Reality Application in order to revive the socio-emotional skills. There is a need to augment the socio-emotional skills of the learners so as to foster social and emotional wellbeing among them and provide joyful experiences to the young learners. Some of the traditional Indian games such as Gilli Danda, Satoliya, Pithu, Hopscotch and many more could be improvised as digital games based on different subject areas to aid in fun learning of the concepts. Such games could help in building life skills such as collaborative learning, teamwork and creative thinking among learners. Submit Idea
TYCH02 Learning, Education and Schooling Digital/Physical Toy To develop a Word Building Simulator for Sanskrit and other Indian languages that helps to build the understanding of a particular language in a Play way method. Often it has been seen that children have difficulty in understanding formation of words, sentences, syntax, grammar rules, etc. during learning languages . However, games/apps which will help in overcoming these problems are missing for our Indic languages eg: Sanskrit. Therefore, a digital game or toy/boardgame could be designed that could assist the learners in their acquisition of a particular language skill in enjoyable manner. Submit Idea
TYCH03 Learning, Education and Schooling Digital Digital game based application that helps to solve logical and mathematical problems. There are many concepts in Mathematics such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc. which are difficult for students to understand due to their abstract nature. A digital game could be designed based on these concepts containing simulation/AR/VR or other technology which can help in concretizing the learning of these concepts. Submit Idea
TYCH04 Indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital To develop a Virtual Guide (Talking Toy) that guides to various destinations with detailed information of our Indian monuments. In order to revive the cultural heritage of India and its rich Historic era, a model digital game could be designed using simulation/AR/VR technology where the individuals can get acquainted with the cultural History of India and its various monuments, heritage, handicrafts, dialects, etc. Submit Idea
TYCH05 Divyang Digital & Physical To create an Electronic Toy based on the mechanism of Robotics that helps to identify the obstacles and alarms the signal to the person. Persons with Disabilities (PwD) or ‘Divyang’ often find it difficult to navigate through their environment. A digital tool/app could be designed in such a way that guides them not just about what route they have to follow but also provides other important indicators, such as any hard object, any danger around, health emergency, giving signals to passersby, etc. Submit Idea
TYCH06 Indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital Develop a Virtual Heritage Train using simulation that passes through Heritage Cities and helps to revive Indian Cultural Heritage. In order to revive the knowledge about the ancient Indian Cultural Heritage and its value, a digital toy/game could be designed that takes through the different States/Cities of India and talks about their cultural heritage and History. This can also be designed using Simulation/AR/VR technology. Submit Idea
TYCH07 Learning, Education and Schooling Digital STREAM based Virtual Museum integrated with AI technology /VR experience in Education. It can be further gamified by including Games & Quizzes. Students these days are losing interest in opting for Social Science courses at a higher level due to the fact that they are not being taught in an interesting manner to the learners. The pandemic has imposed even more restrictions in studying Social Science as the students cannot visit labs or museums for study. Hence, in order to enhance the learning experience especially in Science and Social Science, AR/VR technology may be used to create some virtual learning experience for the learners where they can visualise various species of plants, animals, Historical artifacts, ancient civilisations, etc. Submit Idea
TYCH08 Environment Digital & Physical To develop the Eco-friendly Smart Home Appliances with decorative Showpieces/Toys Decorated smart home appliances could be designed based on the creative art & handicrafts of India which can serve a dual purpose of reviving the Indian Traditional Art forms and work toward energy efficiency. Submit Idea
TYCH09 Learning, Education and Schooling Digital & Physical To create a Digital Spinning Top Application that routes to the Map and identifies the Landforms/Crops/Culture/Climate about the Region where it lands. In order to indigenize the games/toy, as well as to enhance the knowledge about India’s Political and Physical map, a digital game/tool could be designed to help learners identify the various landforms/crops/Agriculture/climate of a particular region. This will help in acquainting the learners about the rich Geographical features of our Country and diversity of soil, flora & fauna. Submit Idea
TYCH10 Indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital Develop a SMART TEXTILE TOY to create the traditional Embroidery designs in the Vocation Education Training. Some of the ancient Indian textiles are on the brink of extinction, therefore it is important to revive them before they become obsolete. Therefore, a digital toy/game could be designed that helps in reviving the ancient textile designs and allows the learners to develop their own designs based on the given patterns. Submit Idea
TYCH11 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical To develop a Multiplayer Gaming Application that focuses on enhancing Emotional Intelligence and fight depression Adolescents and people from other age groups have been experiencing deteriorating mental health owing to loneliness, lack of friends, inability to meet people due to very busy life style and stress. This has resulted in many mental health and emotional disorders including serious depression. Many youngsters commit suicide as they cannot handle depression. Therefore, the challenge is to develop a game or digital application that can help fight depression and alerts an individual if she/he is undergoing any major symptoms of mental health disorder. Submit Idea
TYCH12 divyang Physical Learning geometry (2D and 3D shapes) with construction Develop a game which uses geometrical shapes (especially 3D shapes like sphere, cone, cylinder, cubiod, etc) and figures to improve a child's creativity. The proposed game can be a building simulation game where the child can try arranging various shapes over each other to build blocks. The game should also provide functionality where the child can try creating his/her own geometric figures by combining more than one shape. Submit Idea
TYCH13 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Learning multiplication of integers using Toy or Game The sign of product of two integers is decided on the basis of the signs of the integers. Many children get confusion on this sign like why product of two negative integers is positive. Understanding of this abstract idea through some toy or game may help children. This idea encompasses further learning of mathematics and science. Submit Idea
TYCH14 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Developing skills of handling numbers among children of primary classes Place value system is used in reading and writing numbers. In place value chart ten symbols 0 to 9 are used and their value changes according their place in the number. This idea is very important but confusing to children. Old equipment like spike abacus provides some help but need further improvement to make the idea of place value clear to children. Submit Idea
TYCH15 environment Digital or Physical Preparedness for different types of Disasters for personal safety and helping others to make evacuation plans India is a diverse country in terms of physiography and climate. It is affected by different types of disasters at various places like earthquake, floods, land slide, cyclone, tsunami, flash flood, lightening, avalanches, etc.. Students may be given situations to make them think, prepare and plan appropriately in such circumstances. Submit Idea
TYCH16 Occupations & specific fields Digital or Physical Understanding the process of farming in India Farming requires a set of steps for raising a crop. Students find difficult to visualize how crops are grown in the field. These can be explained in eight steps. 1)Land is prepared for cultivation by ploughing and leveling the field. This may require digging of the soil by using tractor or bullock. 2)Farmers then select the seed for sowing in the field. The sowing can be done manually or by using drilling machine. In case of paddy plant it is transplanted from the other field. 3)Fertilizer is added to supply nutrition to the plant. 4)Fields can be irrigated through supply of water from wells, ponds, lakes, canals, dams or sprinkler. 5)Weeding is needed to remove unwanted plants from the field. Farmers sprays insecticides in the field. 6)Harvesting is done on ripening of the crops. They are cut and segregated from the chaff. This can be done manually or threshing machine can be used. 7)There is sale of the produce either in the local market or to the cooperatives. 8)Last the surplus produce are stored in godowns. They are cleaned, dried and fumigated to protect them from rodents. Submit Idea
TYCH17 environment Digital or Physical Exploring the importance of No- conventional source of energy. Students can be introduced to renewable and nonrenewable source of energy. If all energy were renewable, there would be no energy crisis. There can be game which will show the depletion of fossil fuel. In case of renewable energy, another game will show how energy resources are being replenished and there is constant flow of energy throughout the year. Using the example of water, wheel, wind, solar energy, biomass, geothermal and hydropower can be transferred into useful energy through a simple device. Submit Idea
TYCH18 occupations & specific fields Digital Economic activities in different sectors of an economy There are three sectors in any economy. Data can be used to show the engagement of people in different sectors of our country. Students can be given the picture of different occupations and ask them to match with primary, secondary or tertiary sector. The primary sector is close to the nature like farming, fishing, cattle rearing and so on. The secondary sector includes processing of the raw materials such as construction activity, manufacturing, textile and so on. Tertiary sector includes services such as health, education, banking, retailing, tourism Submit Idea
TYCH19 learning, Education and Schooling Digital Helping children learn Letter Sound association for Early Literacy Young Children struggle to remember letter sounds and thus face problems in reading. Children are expected to associate letter/s with sounds. For instance, in the word “Purse” the initial sound is “P”. Inability to be able to associate the word with sound leads to problems in reading among children and it helps to make link between the unfamiliar print words to the spoken language. The objective here is to enhance children’s early learning so that they can easily learn and associate letter/sound association and get prepared for early literacy. Submit Idea
TYCH20 environment Digital & Physical Developing Sense of Sound Discrimination from immediate environment This problem is specifically for 3-4 years old children. Understanding of Sounds from surroundings environment supports in learning among children. Through the 'sense of sound' young children develop their understanding and confidence about their immediate surroundings, people, events etc. The objective here is to explore the sense of sound, and be able to discriminate between the different sounds in the immediate surroundings. Submit Idea
TYCH21 Out of the box, creative and logical thinking Physical Developing Sense of Touch among Young Learners This is specifically for 3-6 years old children. Tactile learning among young learners opens avenues for learning in all areas of development. Through the sense of 'touch and feel' young children develop their understanding and confidence about their surroundings. It also supports the learning of Visually impaired children. The objective is to provide opportunities for tactile experiences that would enhance and support early learning in all areas of child development. Submit Idea
TYCH22 Out of the box, creative and logical thinking Physical Learning Early Science Skills by doing This is specifically for 3-6 years old children. Experiences for Observing, Comparing, Classifying, Measuring, Communicating, Inferring, and Predicting etc. should be provided so that children enjoy their early learning experiences and take interest in coming to preschool. Science experiences in early years supports in understanding of age and developmentally appropriate science concepts in young children and develop key life skills as they start enjoying the nature and leads to better understanding of science concepts learned later in formal way. The objective is to develop early science skills among Young Children using various fun tools through STEM/STEAM in a play way method. Submit Idea
TYCH23 Out of the box, creative and logical thinking Physical Strengthening eye-hand coordination Children face problems in holding crayons and pencils. Innovative toys can help strengthen eye hand coordination and enhance dexterity. Can we think of such indegenous toys /materials that improve children’s eye-hand coordination? Submit Idea
TYCH24 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Developing sequential thinking for enhancing mathematical knowledge and language skills This is specifically for 3-6 years old children. It has been seen that children find it difficult to arrange numbers/letters in sequence and cannot tell the events of story in order. Sequential thinking in children allows them to follow a logical order or series and help them to plan what to do next and strengthen their ability to communicate. Activities on sequential thinking promotes gains in mathematical knowledge, language development. Submit Idea
TYCH25 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Redesign a traditional toy to promote the concept of sharing between children. Yound children often find it difficult to warm up to the concept of sharing their toys, food, etc. A toy or game may be designed such that, it rewards behavious indicators that point to a child's sharing habit. A traditional toy may also be redesigned to reinforce such a behaviour, making it necessary to share so as to be able to play with it. Submit Idea
TYCH26 divyang Digital & Physical Design a Dynamic moving toy for teenagers with hearing impairment and wanting to learn about musical notes and beats. A moving/ vibrating toy may be designed to convert the auditory signals of musical notes to patterns, visuals so as to make people with hearing impairment be able to enjoy music, through a different sensory experience. Submit Idea
TYCH27 Fitness and sport Physical Design a toy/ game for a group of 65+ years age who have stiff fingers and have been advised by doctors to exercise. A toy/game may be designed, which makes it necessary for a user to move/rotate their fingers, making it a exercise/medicinal toy for those who find their fingers stiffened due to old age. Submit Idea
TYCH28 Fitness and sport Physical Design a toy/game for children of 10-12 years age, wheelchair bound and needing exercise and fun. A game may be designed for children who are paraplegic (wheelchair bound) that makes them want to use their functional organs, so as to promote exercise and fun for them, thus reducing their mental anguish and minimising the occurence of bersores (Pressure ulcers). Submit Idea
TYCH29 out of the box, creative and logical thinking Digital or Physical Design a game for a hyperactive adolescent to help learn and be occupied. The number of students with mental disorders like ADHD is on the rise nowadays. A toy/game could be designed to make these children want to sit in one place and concentrate on playing, so that the hyperactivity tendencies may be reduced. Submit Idea
TYCH30 learning, Education and Schooling Digital Design a digital game using a traditional art form to teach the concept of co-existence of humans, animals, birds, insects. Indian culture has always promoted co-existence of mankind with other inhabitants of this planet. A game that reinforces this idea froma young age may be designed so as the children understand the concept of co-existence and co-dependence of every living being. Submit Idea
TYCH31 out of the box, creative and logical thinking Physical Design card games for people with dementia which uses memory as a concept. A card game that gives hints and rewards success for dementia patients may be designed so as to reduce the signs of dementia and to exercise the mind towards enhancement of long term memory. Submit Idea
TYCH32 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Understanding basic tenants of Indian Constitution (10 years and above) The constitution of India is seldom understtod by young children. A game may be developed so as to promote understanding of the constitution, especially by younger generation. Submit Idea
TYCH33 occupations & specific fields Physical Designing puzzles and figurines based on Military Personnels or Indian war Heros Jigsaw Puzzles or Models based on Indian defence products for eg. Various Missiles, Fighter Aircraft Tejas, MBT Arjun etc. for better familiarization of indigenous products. Moreover, figurines can be designed based on winners of awards like Param veer Chakra and Vir-Chakra. Submit Idea
TYCH34 occupations & specific fields Digital Digital games to induce team cohesion and strategies Online war gaming with indigenous Warships, Guns, Missiles, Radar, Sonar etc. This will also help the developers to fine tune its strategy. Submit Idea
TYCH35 occupations & specific fields Digital or Physical Military Miniatures Wargaming Physical war-gaming with figurines and models of defense related products developed by various Indian organizations like DRDO, ISRO, Armament Factories, HAL, etc. Submit Idea
TYCH36 out of the box, creative and logical thinking Digital Doodle War Doodle war can be a digital app where people can make a group of friends and challenge each other in doodling the photo submitted as a subject. Challenges can be both in open or closed group. Further, sharing your doodles globally with everyone and the top posts trend on top and can be shared across social media. Submit Idea
TYCH37 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Creating a board game/digital based on Ayurveda and Monopoly Create a Indian Monopoly – not with real estate but with Ayurveda plant oriented plantations that garner great value. Eg: 1 acre of land growing Ashwagandha has different value as compared to 1 acre of land growing Amla or Shatavari. Ayurvedic formulations, pharmacies, clinics, etc. could be integrated into this game. Submit Idea
TYCH38 fitness and sport Digital Creating a game mirroring real life fitness activities Create a video game that mirrors lifestyle – if one actually does something related to wellness and fitness – that gets captured and the character gets more stronger. It could be a sport game, a fighting game where character building is required over time. Submit Idea
TYCH39 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Promoting healthy ayurvedic recipes and discourages unhealthy food consumption pattern ('Virudha-Anna') We can have game highlighting healthy recipes as per principal of Ayurveda. This game should also highlight unhealthly food consumption patterns or incompatible foods ( as called 'Virudha-Anna') as per Ayurved practice. Submit Idea
TYCH40 fitness and sport Digital A game / app that captures and scores correctness of Yogasans on real-time basis Yogasans done correctly has immense health benefits but if Asans are performed wrongly then they can even cause huge damage to our body. In order to promote correct Yoga postures, a ‘yogasana star’ digital game based using image processing approach could be conceptualized which will able to determine/examine then correctness of any Asan (eg: straightness of back, angles and positions of hands and legs, etc.) and give scores accordingly. Using camera, the game should scan and identify the Asan in real-time based on posture and then examines it for correctness. Moreover, a multiplayer feature could be integrated to promote competition Submit Idea
TYCH41 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Empathy based game on Indian Ethos Empathy is the ability to put oneself in the shoes of another person. The positive psychology definition is: The quality of feeling and understanding another person's situation in the present moment—their perspectives, emotions, actions (reactions)—and communicating this to the person. Empathy is important because it helps us understand how others are feeling so we can respond appropriately to the situation. Positive games promoting empathy based on philosophies, stories from Vedas, Puranas, Upnishads to judge a person’s reactions and help enhance the player’s empathy. E.g. Yaksha’s Questions to Yudhishthir, etc. Submit Idea
TYCH42 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Connecting with Elders The game should be such that it helps younger and older generations to enjoy together. It should help both generations to empathise with each other’s problems, emotions. It should act as a bridge to remove the increasing gap between younger and older generations. Submit Idea
TYCH43 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Preparing a game to gain insights into religions and religious traditions The game should be a general knowledge or trivia based which will help players gain insights into various religions found in India. It will enable players to be familiar with the beautiful traditions and philosophies of different religions apart from their own. Apart from increasing knowledge, it will also create empathy among the youngsters Submit Idea
TYCH44 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital & Physical Social Sciences through Interactive digital globe Map has always been a concern for the students and teachers and the atlas available are very boring to go through. In our current digital era, interactive audio/visual globe would certianly help students in better understanding of the world in terms of geography, climate, ethinicity, social customs and strategic value. Submit Idea
TYCH45 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Developing toys/materials for children in Anganwadi The ECCE in New education policy also addresses the care component which includes children from birth to 3 years. Therefore there is a need for developing toys/materials for early childhood stimulation of children in this age group. This stimulation would act as a basic foundation for children for attending pre-school activities. These tools should try addressing following requirements 1. Ensuring healthy development of children. 2. Developing basic trust and emotional security. 3. Developing basic values. 4. Providing opportunity to explore and develop. 5. Stimulates intellectual curiosity. Submit Idea
TYCH46 Social and human values Digital or Physical Games/toys focusing on building social values, inclination towards traditional games and building character, critical and creative thinking, problem solving development. Traditional values are getting lost in young children and more inclination towards offensive games and videos (rather creative games) are making kids more aggressive and even violent. Electronic games/toys focusing on building social values, inclination towards traditional games and building character, critical and creative thinking, problem solving capabilities could help in better channelizing the energy and creativity of our youngsters. Submit Idea
TYCH47 environment Digital or Physical Learning segregation of wastes as bio-degradable and non-biodegradable through games or set of toys Most of us carelessly throw our trash everywhere which causes pollution and is one of the main problems of our planet. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes can be discarded in two different bins so that they can be collected separately. Non-biodegradable wastes can be sent for recycling. If children can learn this in their classroom through playway method, this will help in developing sensitivity and skills of waste management. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Mission, a country-wide campaign initiated by the Government of India in 2014 works towards the mission of keeping the country clean and green. Submit Idea
TYCH48 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Balancing chemical equations as a process of trial and error The chemical reaction needs to be balanced as it is the arrangement of atoms. Atoms are neither created nor destroyed during a chemical reaction. It needs to be balanced to follow the conservation of mass. A balanced chemical equation happens when the number of the different atoms of elements on the reactants side is equal to that of the products side. Children will enjoy this activity through play way method. Many permutations and combinations may be tried out to reach the balanced equation, this will motivate children to not only learn about the basics of balancing equation but also develop skills for the same. Submit Idea
TYCH49 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Toy for sensitizing children on child abuse (good touch and bad touch) Child abuse in the form of bad touch is the common things happening in schools. It is important that students are taught good touch and bad touch. Sometimes, small students feel uncomfortable when they get information about good touch and bad touch from teachers and parents. The knowledge about good touch and bad touch can help child tell the difference between wrong and right and it can save them from being exploited and help them stay safe and self-aware. Submit Idea
TYCH50 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Learning physical and chemical properties, electronic configuration of elements in a periodic table through a toy or a game Description-Chemical elements are presented in an organized manner in a periodic table form ordered by atomic number so that periodic properties are made clear. Generally school students rote memorize atomic number and corresponding name of element as well as its physical and chemical properties. Students when begin to learn about periodic table, they find it very abstract. Develop a game or a toy to make elements and their properties concrete for students to understand with interest and engagement. Submit Idea
TYCH51 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Learning to live together: Appreciating Cultural Diversity: In a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious country, like India, it is very important to provide culturally responsive education wherein the students are able to appreciate and be respectful towards people from all cultural and religious background. This necessitates the breaking down of the cultural barriers and understanding of differences among cultures. It is a natural tendency to show an aversion to the unknown. However, this can be overcome by familiarizing with other cultures and promoting a culture of learning from one another. Teachers not only face the situation of handling students from diverse cultural background, they also need to promote awareness, understanding, and respect. This learning will help the children to understand the global changes and imbibe the changes with respect. The instructional materials need to be devised to enable the students develop understanding and respect and realize that the differences in culture are to be valued. The students in the classroom may come with a belief that their culture remains to be the universal norm and only the right one. This may lead to a situation of lack of respect and lack of acceptance towards the multitudes of cultures and people. It is often challenging for the teacher to help them to explore the cultures, understand the similarities and recognize how cultural variances make the world more exciting, not more separated. Submit Idea
TYCH52 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Ethnicity of India: Diversity in culinary practices India is known for its diversity, portraying a unique integration of diverse cultures and religions. This variety is evident in its food habits, languages, clothes etc. Children need to be aware of the variety that exists in the country along with the similarities that exist in the food pattern. Unless children are exposed towards the diversity of Indian culture, they will not be able to understand the essence of ‘unity in diversity’. Children through various learning materials are exposed to the diversity of food habits, languages, costumes etc. that exist in the country and even in the rest of the world. What they read and taught in the classrooms are often forgotten. The imprints of what they experience, play and see remain with them even when they grow up. They need to be given opportunities to hear, see, experience, explore and share the diversity and similarities of Indian food habits. Submit Idea
TYCH53 environment Digital or Physical Valuing every life on earth If the children start understanding the importance of food chain, food web, ecological balance, then they would celebrate the biodiversity . In turn they would also develop a right attitude & respect towards each and every living form. This is one of the objectives of education. It is essential for human beings to understand the importance of every living form on the earth. All the organisms interact and depend on each other and maintain ecological balance. If this balance is disturbed, then there will be no life on earth. In this regard, valuing & caring for every life on earth can be attained when the students understand the importance of food chain, food web, ecological balance, importance of biodiversity, effects of imbalance in nature. Submit Idea
TYCH54 environment Digital or Physical Understanding the effects of wind current on weather In order to make the concept clear and facilitate the students learning, they may need to practice through exploration or by changing variables related to wind current and to find their effects on their own. The students at Middle school learn about wind currents which are generated due to uneven heating on the earth and air pressure of an area. The effect of wind current can be in the form of rainfall, cold weather, hot weather, cyclone etc. But the students find it difficult to understand the directions of wind currents and specially its effects on weather. So, to facilitate this learning, students need to practice by changing variables related to wind current and to find their effects. Submit Idea
TYCH55 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Engaging learners to work with words and phrases, idioms and language chunks through interactive and manipulative inputs. Vocabulary is a major aspect of language and learning vocabulary in contexts help learners acquire language with ease. Learning vocabulary in isolation would not help to know and use the vocabulary in real life situations. Toys and games for vocabulary learning may focus on (i) thematic vocabulary where learners manipulate to categories words and phrases belonging to one particular theme / area, for example Finding words on House, School, Road, etc. and at the higher level words relating to emotions like Happiness, Sadness, Joy, tasks and so on. (ii) Word collocations-Finding words which can befriend the word (main word), example 'Water' is the main word. Words like 'tank', 'melon', 'meter', 'cannon', 'pipe' and many such words are given along with other words. Learners have to select the words which can go with the given word. When many words are given it would be engaging and entertaining. Submit Idea
TYCH56 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Engaging learners with stories to develop language through visual and verbal inputs. Stories in visuals and the description of the visuals are given in separate (two sets) of cards. Learners have to find the descriptions matching the visual to create the story (through the story line). These toy / game can be in two ways. First, learners arrange the visuals into a story and narrate the story orally. Second, learners match the description (mostly in one sentence) with the visual. Both oral and reading skills are aimed at. (Toy type: Cards or board game. Games: This could be developed digitally as a game.) Submit Idea
TYCH57 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Engaging learners to work in situations to develop communication skills through interactive and manipulative inputs Functional use of language ( for example Greeting (Hello How are you? Take care, Requests (May I talk to you), Suggestions (Shall we take a walk), Commands (Stop talking, Shut the door), Advice (If I were you, I would...), etc.) could be made into a toy or game with the set of language function situations where learners manipulate to complete a conversation or by replying or reacting to an input. Submit Idea
TYCH58 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Toy for improving/helping pronunciation of words of Indic languages Sanskrit words are very difficult to pronounce. So toys/games which will help in familiarizing the words/word chunk along tricks and methodology to pronounce them will make learning of Indic language like Sanskrit, Tamil, etc more enjoyable. Submit Idea
TYCH59 learning, Education and Schooling Developing Grammatical competency for better language learning Learners notice and use grammatical item like naming words (nouns), describing words (adjectives), actions words (verbs), connecting words (conjunctions) and also time and tense, reported speech, voice and tense, clause and sentence through arranging, rearranging in sentences, part of sentences or supplying the missing word to manipulate and learn the grammatical item. Submit Idea
TYCH60 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Developing problem solving skills through riddles and puzzles Riddles and puzzles are part Indian social life and practice. They promote problems solving abilities and thinking about many possibilities and goal setting actions. Learners are provided with riddle and rubrics to solve it through their manipulation. For example here is a riddle which the learners solve it by speaking out to themselves or to others (This is called 'think aloud protocol' tasks) A farmer returns from the market, where he bought a she-goat, a cabbage and a wolf (what a crazy market! ). On the way home he must cross a river. His boat is small and won't fit more than one of his purchases. He cannot leave the she-goat alone with the cabbage (because the she-goat would eat it), nor he can leave the she-goat alone with the wolf (because the she-goat would be eaten). How can the farmer get everything on the other side in this river crossing puzzle? Learners have to solve the riddle by completing the following ways First trip ______(farmer crosses the river with )______________ (Drops...) ___________Farmer returns with_____________________ Second trip _________farmer crosses the river_ with _____________ (drops ....) ___________Farmer returns with_____________________ Third trip ___________Farmer crosses the river with _________ (drops...) Submit Idea
TYCH61 out of the box, creative and logical thinking Physical Toy Learning basic centre of mass/gravity, etc. through a toy or a game Though students are taught how to mathematically determine the position of centre of mass of regular shapes, they find it difficult to comprehend physically and fail to apply in daily life. A set of toys through game or play where in they can learn and identify the position of the centre of mass by balancing the toys through trial and error will help students to understand and concretise the concept of centre of mass of objects, This will help them to understand the concept easily as well as appreciate the applications of this concept in diverse areas of their daily life. Submit Idea
TYCH62 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Games highligting contribution of Bharatiya Rishis towards Science, Maths and Literature Bharatiya Rishis like Acharya Kanad, Acharya Bharadwaj, Acharya Patanjali and many more have contributed enormously for development of Science, Maths and literature but our youngsters are not aware of their work. Hence, Digital Game/Toy/cards/Board games can be developed highlighting their work and emphasizing our rich academic tradition. Submit Idea
TYCH63 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Physical Figurines of modern and ancient Indian Heros/Rishis Designing Figurines of modern and ancient Indian Heros/Rishis who have excelled in different fields like social work, science, technology, arts, literature and cinema, etc. using sustainable, ecofriendly and indigenous material. Eg: Acharya Chanakya, Dr. Anandibai Joshi (India’s first lady doctor), APJ Abdul Kalam, CV Raman, Aryabhatta, Pingal, Satish Dhavan, Homi Bhabha, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Lata Mangeshkar, etc. Submit Idea
TYCH64 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical 14 vidyas and 64 arts: Explore the value and relevance of various arts and skills for personal and professional development. In the ancient times, there were 64 arts and 14 vidya. A young student learnt some of them as per their profession, background, aptitude and needs. The goal was to nurture creativity and enhance productivity of a student, so that they can become a well-rounded professional and a responsible citizen. Explore the correlations between learning various arts and skills and personal growth. Submit Idea
TYCH65 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital or Physical Games based on Vedic deities (देवता): /Nature worshipped as deities, Earth, Waters, Agni, Wind, Sky. Explore the relationship between basic elements and forces of nature and their impact on the life in general: Across civilisations forces of nature have been worshiped in many different ways. A philosophy like “Pancha Mahabhuta” tries to understand the elements of the universe. Whereas in case of deities in Vedas, natural forces dawn (Usha) or thunder (Varuna) assume superhuman form that extols their beauty or ferocity. Explore ways, in which such characterisations can explain natural phenomena in a scientific way, and can explore their importance for the life in general (ecology, environment , society, daily life) Submit Idea
TYCH66 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital Reviving the Oral tradition Explore the ways in which various combinations of music notations, harmonies and symphonies, patterns of repetition help memorisation and learning: It is an age old wisdom and a scientific truth that various patterns of repetition, musical arrangements and metrical compositions improve memorisation, aid learning and enhance creativity. The greatest example of this is how Vedas were remembered and preserved for millennia through the oral tradition. For people of various learning styles, intonations, music and metrical compositions are the most efficient way of learning and imbibing different topics, texts and concepts. Submit Idea
TYCH67 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital Action-and-adventure games based on Vedic deties Action-adventure games most frequently incorporate two game mechanics—game-long quests or obstacles that must be conquered using a tool or item collected, as well as an action element where the item(s) are used. Vedic deities and heroic characters are a relevant subject for such a game. The game can revolve around exploits of Agni, Varuna, Rudra, Vishnu and Indra. The missions in the game could be preceded by an introduction characters, their backstory and information about the mission. The game can include performance-based collection of special weapons such as the Vajra. Submit Idea
TYCH68 indian Culture, History, Knowledge of India and Ethos Digital Design and strategy-based games based on Vedas and Indian Civilization The game based on Vedic history were players are required to build their own cities, kingdoms and eventually empires. It involved urban planning, agriculture and military expeditions. This game should be based on historical and archaeological evidence. The game will educate people on the civilisation, society and geography of the Vedic era. It can base on the region of early Indic civilisations. Submit Idea
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