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TYCH02 Learning, Education and Schooling Digital/Physical Toy To develop a Word Building Simulator for Sanskrit and other Indian languages that helps to build the understanding of a particular language in a Play way method. Often it has been seen that children have difficulty in understanding formation of words, sentences, syntax, grammar rules, etc. during learning languages . However, games/apps which will help in overcoming these problems are missing for our Indic languages eg: Sanskrit. Therefore, a digital game or toy/boardgame could be designed that could assist the learners in their acquisition of a particular language skill in enjoyable manner. 260
TYCH03 Learning, Education and Schooling Digital Digital game based application that helps to solve logical and mathematical problems. There are many concepts in Mathematics such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc. which are difficult for students to understand due to their abstract nature. A digital game could be designed based on these concepts containing simulation/AR/VR or other technology which can help in concretizing the learning of these concepts. 176
TYCH07 Learning, Education and Schooling Digital STREAM based Virtual Museum integrated with AI technology /VR experience in Education. It can be further gamified by including Games & Quizzes. Students these days are losing interest in opting for Social Science courses at a higher level due to the fact that they are not being taught in an interesting manner to the learners. The pandemic has imposed even more restrictions in studying Social Science as the students cannot visit labs or museums for study. Hence, in order to enhance the learning experience especially in Science and Social Science, AR/VR technology may be used to create some virtual learning experience for the learners where they can visualise various species of plants, animals, Historical artifacts, ancient civilisations, etc. 97
TYCH09 Learning, Education and Schooling Digital & Physical To create a Digital Spinning Top Application that routes to the Map and identifies the Landforms/Crops/Culture/Climate about the Region where it lands. In order to indigenize the games/toy, as well as to enhance the knowledge about India’s Political and Physical map, a digital game/tool could be designed to help learners identify the various landforms/crops/Agriculture/climate of a particular region. This will help in acquainting the learners about the rich Geographical features of our Country and diversity of soil, flora & fauna. 69
TYCH11 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical To develop a Multiplayer Gaming Application that focuses on enhancing Emotional Intelligence and fight depression Adolescents and people from other age groups have been experiencing deteriorating mental health owing to loneliness, lack of friends, inability to meet people due to very busy life style and stress. This has resulted in many mental health and emotional disorders including serious depression. Many youngsters commit suicide as they cannot handle depression. Therefore, the challenge is to develop a game or digital application that can help fight depression and alerts an individual if she/he is undergoing any major symptoms of mental health disorder. 95
TYCH13 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Learning multiplication of integers using Toy or Game The sign of product of two integers is decided on the basis of the signs of the integers. Many children get confusion on this sign like why product of two negative integers is positive. Understanding of this abstract idea through some toy or game may help children. This idea encompasses further learning of mathematics and science. 114
TYCH14 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Developing skills of handling numbers among children of primary classes Place value system is used in reading and writing numbers. In place value chart ten symbols 0 to 9 are used and their value changes according their place in the number. This idea is very important but confusing to children. Old equipment like spike abacus provides some help but need further improvement to make the idea of place value clear to children. 87
TYCH19 learning, Education and Schooling Digital Helping children learn Letter Sound association for Early Literacy Young Children struggle to remember letter sounds and thus face problems in reading. Children are expected to associate letter/s with sounds. For instance, in the word “Purse” the initial sound is “P”. Inability to be able to associate the word with sound leads to problems in reading among children and it helps to make link between the unfamiliar print words to the spoken language. The objective here is to enhance children’s early learning so that they can easily learn and associate letter/sound association and get prepared for early literacy. 74
TYCH24 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Developing sequential thinking for enhancing mathematical knowledge and language skills This is specifically for 3-6 years old children. It has been seen that children find it difficult to arrange numbers/letters in sequence and cannot tell the events of story in order. Sequential thinking in children allows them to follow a logical order or series and help them to plan what to do next and strengthen their ability to communicate. Activities on sequential thinking promotes gains in mathematical knowledge, language development. 83
TYCH25 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Redesign a traditional toy to promote the concept of sharing between children. Yound children often find it difficult to warm up to the concept of sharing their toys, food, etc. A toy or game may be designed such that, it rewards behavious indicators that point to a child's sharing habit. A traditional toy may also be redesigned to reinforce such a behaviour, making it necessary to share so as to be able to play with it. 64
TYCH30 learning, Education and Schooling Digital Design a digital game using a traditional art form to teach the concept of co-existence of humans, animals, birds, insects. Indian culture has always promoted co-existence of mankind with other inhabitants of this planet. A game that reinforces this idea froma young age may be designed so as the children understand the concept of co-existence and co-dependence of every living being. 34
TYCH45 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Developing toys/materials for children in Anganwadi The ECCE in New education policy also addresses the care component which includes children from birth to 3 years. Therefore there is a need for developing toys/materials for early childhood stimulation of children in this age group. This stimulation would act as a basic foundation for children for attending pre-school activities. These tools should try addressing following requirements 1. Ensuring healthy development of children. 2. Developing basic trust and emotional security. 3. Developing basic values. 4. Providing opportunity to explore and develop. 5. Stimulates intellectual curiosity. 113
TYCH48 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Balancing chemical equations as a process of trial and error The chemical reaction needs to be balanced as it is the arrangement of atoms. Atoms are neither created nor destroyed during a chemical reaction. It needs to be balanced to follow the conservation of mass. A balanced chemical equation happens when the number of the different atoms of elements on the reactants side is equal to that of the products side. Children will enjoy this activity through play way method. Many permutations and combinations may be tried out to reach the balanced equation, this will motivate children to not only learn about the basics of balancing equation but also develop skills for the same. 50
TYCH49 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Toy for sensitizing children on child abuse (good touch and bad touch) Child abuse in the form of bad touch is the common things happening in schools. It is important that students are taught good touch and bad touch. Sometimes, small students feel uncomfortable when they get information about good touch and bad touch from teachers and parents. The knowledge about good touch and bad touch can help child tell the difference between wrong and right and it can save them from being exploited and help them stay safe and self-aware. 98
TYCH50 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Learning physical and chemical properties, electronic configuration of elements in a periodic table through a toy or a game Description-Chemical elements are presented in an organized manner in a periodic table form ordered by atomic number so that periodic properties are made clear. Generally school students rote memorize atomic number and corresponding name of element as well as its physical and chemical properties. Students when begin to learn about periodic table, they find it very abstract. Develop a game or a toy to make elements and their properties concrete for students to understand with interest and engagement. 110
TYCH55 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Engaging learners to work with words and phrases, idioms and language chunks through interactive and manipulative inputs. Vocabulary is a major aspect of language and learning vocabulary in contexts help learners acquire language with ease. Learning vocabulary in isolation would not help to know and use the vocabulary in real life situations. Toys and games for vocabulary learning may focus on (i) thematic vocabulary where learners manipulate to categories words and phrases belonging to one particular theme / area, for example Finding words on House, School, Road, etc. and at the higher level words relating to emotions like Happiness, Sadness, Joy, tasks and so on. (ii) Word collocations-Finding words which can befriend the word (main word), example 'Water' is the main word. Words like 'tank', 'melon', 'meter', 'cannon', 'pipe' and many such words are given along with other words. Learners have to select the words which can go with the given word. When many words are given it would be engaging and entertaining. 49
TYCH56 learning, Education and Schooling Physical Engaging learners with stories to develop language through visual and verbal inputs. Stories in visuals and the description of the visuals are given in separate (two sets) of cards. Learners have to find the descriptions matching the visual to create the story (through the story line). These toy / game can be in two ways. First, learners arrange the visuals into a story and narrate the story orally. Second, learners match the description (mostly in one sentence) with the visual. Both oral and reading skills are aimed at. (Toy type: Cards or board game. Games: This could be developed digitally as a game.) 39
TYCH57 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Engaging learners to work in situations to develop communication skills through interactive and manipulative inputs Functional use of language ( for example Greeting (Hello How are you? Take care, Requests (May I talk to you), Suggestions (Shall we take a walk), Commands (Stop talking, Shut the door), Advice (If I were you, I would...), etc.) could be made into a toy or game with the set of language function situations where learners manipulate to complete a conversation or by replying or reacting to an input. 31
TYCH58 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Toy for improving/helping pronunciation of words of Indic languages Sanskrit words are very difficult to pronounce. So toys/games which will help in familiarizing the words/word chunk along tricks and methodology to pronounce them will make learning of Indic language like Sanskrit, Tamil, etc more enjoyable. 33
TYCH59 learning, Education and Schooling Developing Grammatical competency for better language learning Learners notice and use grammatical item like naming words (nouns), describing words (adjectives), actions words (verbs), connecting words (conjunctions) and also time and tense, reported speech, voice and tense, clause and sentence through arranging, rearranging in sentences, part of sentences or supplying the missing word to manipulate and learn the grammatical item. 36
TYCH60 learning, Education and Schooling Digital or Physical Developing problem solving skills through riddles and puzzles Riddles and puzzles are part Indian social life and practice. They promote problems solving abilities and thinking about many possibilities and goal setting actions. Learners are provided with riddle and rubrics to solve it through their manipulation. For example here is a riddle which the learners solve it by speaking out to themselves or to others (This is called 'think aloud protocol' tasks) A farmer returns from the market, where he bought a she-goat, a cabbage and a wolf (what a crazy market! ). On the way home he must cross a river. His boat is small and won't fit more than one of his purchases. He cannot leave the she-goat alone with the cabbage (because the she-goat would eat it), nor he can leave the she-goat alone with the wolf (because the she-goat would be eaten). How can the farmer get everything on the other side in this river crossing puzzle? Learners have to solve the riddle by completing the following ways First trip ______(farmer crosses the river with )______________ (Drops...) ___________Farmer returns with_____________________ Second trip _________farmer crosses the river_ with _____________ (drops ....) ___________Farmer returns with_____________________ Third trip ___________Farmer crosses the river with _________ (drops...) 86
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