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Fitness and sport

PSID Theme Category Title Description Idea Count
TYCH27 Fitness and sport Physical Design a toy/ game for a group of 65+ years age who have stiff fingers and have been advised by doctors to exercise. A toy/game may be designed, which makes it necessary for a user to move/rotate their fingers, making it a exercise/medicinal toy for those who find their fingers stiffened due to old age. 94
TYCH28 Fitness and sport Physical Design a toy/game for children of 10-12 years age, wheelchair bound and needing exercise and fun. A game may be designed for children who are paraplegic (wheelchair bound) that makes them want to use their functional organs, so as to promote exercise and fun for them, thus reducing their mental anguish and minimising the occurence of bersores (Pressure ulcers). 73
TYCH38 fitness and sport Digital Creating a game mirroring real life fitness activities Create a video game that mirrors lifestyle – if one actually does something related to wellness and fitness – that gets captured and the character gets more stronger. It could be a sport game, a fighting game where character building is required over time. 63
TYCH40 fitness and sport Digital A game / app that captures and scores correctness of Yogasans on real-time basis Yogasans done correctly has immense health benefits but if Asans are performed wrongly then they can even cause huge damage to our body. In order to promote correct Yoga postures, a ‘yogasana star’ digital game based using image processing approach could be conceptualized which will able to determine/examine then correctness of any Asan (eg: straightness of back, angles and positions of hands and legs, etc.) and give scores accordingly. Using camera, the game should scan and identify the Asan in real-time based on posture and then examines it for correctness. Moreover, a multiplayer feature could be integrated to promote competition 124
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