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PSID Theme Category Title Description Idea Count
TYCH08 Environment Digital & Physical To develop the Eco-friendly Smart Home Appliances with decorative Showpieces/Toys Decorated smart home appliances could be designed based on the creative art & handicrafts of India which can serve a dual purpose of reviving the Indian Traditional Art forms and work toward energy efficiency. 195
TYCH15 environment Digital or Physical Preparedness for different types of Disasters for personal safety and helping others to make evacuation plans India is a diverse country in terms of physiography and climate. It is affected by different types of disasters at various places like earthquake, floods, land slide, cyclone, tsunami, flash flood, lightening, avalanches, etc.. Students may be given situations to make them think, prepare and plan appropriately in such circumstances. 89
TYCH17 environment Digital or Physical Exploring the importance of No- conventional source of energy. Students can be introduced to renewable and nonrenewable source of energy. If all energy were renewable, there would be no energy crisis. There can be game which will show the depletion of fossil fuel. In case of renewable energy, another game will show how energy resources are being replenished and there is constant flow of energy throughout the year. Using the example of water, wheel, wind, solar energy, biomass, geothermal and hydropower can be transferred into useful energy through a simple device. 94
TYCH20 environment Digital & Physical Developing Sense of Sound Discrimination from immediate environment This problem is specifically for 3-4 years old children. Understanding of Sounds from surroundings environment supports in learning among children. Through the 'sense of sound' young children develop their understanding and confidence about their immediate surroundings, people, events etc. The objective here is to explore the sense of sound, and be able to discriminate between the different sounds in the immediate surroundings. 36
TYCH47 environment Digital or Physical Learning segregation of wastes as bio-degradable and non-biodegradable through games or set of toys Most of us carelessly throw our trash everywhere which causes pollution and is one of the main problems of our planet. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes can be discarded in two different bins so that they can be collected separately. Non-biodegradable wastes can be sent for recycling. If children can learn this in their classroom through playway method, this will help in developing sensitivity and skills of waste management. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Mission, a country-wide campaign initiated by the Government of India in 2014 works towards the mission of keeping the country clean and green. 169
TYCH53 environment Digital or Physical Valuing every life on earth If the children start understanding the importance of food chain, food web, ecological balance, then they would celebrate the biodiversity . In turn they would also develop a right attitude & respect towards each and every living form. This is one of the objectives of education. It is essential for human beings to understand the importance of every living form on the earth. All the organisms interact and depend on each other and maintain ecological balance. If this balance is disturbed, then there will be no life on earth. In this regard, valuing & caring for every life on earth can be attained when the students understand the importance of food chain, food web, ecological balance, importance of biodiversity, effects of imbalance in nature. 76
TYCH54 environment Digital or Physical Understanding the effects of wind current on weather In order to make the concept clear and facilitate the students learning, they may need to practice through exploration or by changing variables related to wind current and to find their effects on their own. The students at Middle school learn about wind currents which are generated due to uneven heating on the earth and air pressure of an area. The effect of wind current can be in the form of rainfall, cold weather, hot weather, cyclone etc. But the students find it difficult to understand the directions of wind currents and specially its effects on weather. So, to facilitate this learning, students need to practice by changing variables related to wind current and to find their effects. 30
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