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PSID Theme Category Title Description Idea Count
TYCH05 Divyang Digital & Physical To create an Electronic Toy based on the mechanism of Robotics that helps to identify the obstacles and alarms the signal to the person. Persons with Disabilities (PwD) or ‘Divyang’ often find it difficult to navigate through their environment. A digital tool/app could be designed in such a way that guides them not just about what route they have to follow but also provides other important indicators, such as any hard object, any danger around, health emergency, giving signals to passersby, etc. 335
TYCH12 divyang Physical Learning geometry (2D and 3D shapes) with construction Develop a game which uses geometrical shapes (especially 3D shapes like sphere, cone, cylinder, cubiod, etc) and figures to improve a child's creativity. The proposed game can be a building simulation game where the child can try arranging various shapes over each other to build blocks. The game should also provide functionality where the child can try creating his/her own geometric figures by combining more than one shape. 111
TYCH26 divyang Digital & Physical Design a Dynamic moving toy for teenagers with hearing impairment and wanting to learn about musical notes and beats. A moving/ vibrating toy may be designed to convert the auditory signals of musical notes to patterns, visuals so as to make people with hearing impairment be able to enjoy music, through a different sensory experience. 58
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